Oregano, Hydrosol [2oz sprayer]

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Latin Name: Origanum vulgare

Product: Oregano; 2 oz. sprayer bottle

Description: Used as a sanitizer and kitchen cleaner by some as well: One study on hydrosol use in Turkey's culinary and medicinal traditions, found:

"Oregano  and Summer Savory were effective against all bacteria during incubation. Anise, cumin and black thyme hydrosols were active against some bacteria, but not all. Consequently, it is likely that some edible plant hydrosols may be used as antimicrobial agents to prevent the deterioration of food products".

Tasting Notes: Mild Oregano taste and aroma

Usage: Refreshing addition to culinary and bar concoctions 

Storage Instructions: Great shelf life. Store in dark, cool place when not in use if desired.