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Mint - Lemon, Bulk [1#cs]

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Latin Name: Monarda citriodora

Product: Lemon Mint; Baby cuttings; 1#/cs

Description: Also known as Beebalm; Native to U.S. and Mexico; The genus, 'Monarda' is named after a 16th century Spanish physician and botanist -- Nicolas Bautista Monardes -- who studied medicinal plants brought back to Spain from the 'New World'.

Tasting Notes: Aromatic crushed leaves -- hints of lemon and oregano

Usage: Salads; Teas; Used in wines and liqueurs; Flavoring for seafood and meat dishes (like crab and chicken); Used in a lot of dessert recipes; Flavoring for cakes, cheesecakes, sauces, and pies

Storage Instructions: Best when used within 7 days of procuring.