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"Holy Bubble Yum" Herb Hydrosol Mix

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Non Alcoholic Distilled Spirit

All of the herbs are grown at Grant Wallace Farm and picked at peak season for maximum flavor extraction during distillation.  The mixture is made from:

Holy Basil, Lemon Basil

Mocktail Recipe:

0.5oz Holy Bubble Yum Hydrosol
Top with cold seltzer
Garnish options: holy basil, lemon twist, cherry, flowers


Cocktail Recipe:

Holy Bubble Yum

2oz Vodka infused with holy basil hydrosol (1tbsp hydrosol per cup of vodka)

3/4oz House made Raspberry Syrup

1/2oz Fresh lemon juice

2 sprays Holy Bubble Yum Blaster

Shake all ingredients besides the blaster with ice.  Strain into rock glass with ice, spray with holy bubble yum blaster.  Garnish with Mexican Tarragon.