German Chamomile - Hydrosol [2oz Spray Bottle]

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Latin Name: Matricaria chamomilla

Product: German Chamomile - Hydrosol [2oz Spray Bottle]

Description: Sweet-scented; Tiny leaves split into two small, lined, segments; Originally native to Europe and West Asia; Chamomile got its name from the Greek words: 'chamos' (ground) and 'melos' (apple)

Tasting Notes: Floral quality; Light apple flavor; Sweet, fruity, aroma

Usage: Steep in cream to infuse ice cream; A good addition to savory cooked dishes such as scallops; Blend for awhile prior to adding to release the essential oil and get the most taste; Can dry and use in seasoned rubs; Add raw to salads

Storage Instructions: Best when used within 7 days of procuring.