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Red Sorrel, Baby Leaf, [100 ct.]

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Latin Name: Rumex sanguineus

Product: Red Sorrel, Baby Leaf; 100 Ct.

Description: Introduced from Europe, it has been naturalized in the U.S. (especially) in Ohio; Used to treat kidney disease; The word 'sorrel' derives from the French, 'sur' meaning sour; High in Vitamins A & C and potassium

Tasting Notes: Sharp, tangy flavor; Lemony (some say more like a tart, sour, green apple); Very subtle aroma

Usage: Highly aesthetic green for top notch salad presentations -- bright green leaf with dark maroon stems -- best when mixed with milder lettuces; Blanching reduces some of the characteristic bitterness; Purees; Sauces; Alongside main dishes; Use with dark chocolate, ice cream, and, other desserts; Decorative garnishes

Storage Instructions: Best when used within 7 days of procuring.