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Alyssum - Purple, Flowers [100 ct.]

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Latin Name: Alyssum alyssoides

Product: Purple Alyssum; Flowers; 100 Ct.

Description: Native to Eurasia; Name 'Alyssum' translates directly from Greek to mean “without madness" -- it has been historically used as a symbol of forgiveness, apology, or, a signal of truce; Flower essence now touted to help overcome 'anger' and 'madness'; Nutritious -- has been used to treat scurvy

Tasting Notes: Slightly sweet; Peppery; (Some say similar to Kale)

Usage: Salad; Frozen into ice cubes; Folded into omelets; Soups; Fruit Dishes; Desserts; Cocktail and culinary garnishes

Storage Instructions: Best when used within 5 days of procuring.