Internship / Apprenticeship

Do you want to learn the business of farming?  I have been farming for over 5 years, selling at one time at 4 local farmers markets per week and raising chickens, pigs, and vegetables for the public.  For the last year and a half, I have been selling exclusively to chefs and bartenders at fine local establishments.  In 2019, the focus for the farm is herbs, perennials, edible flowers, and some petite vegetables.

Learn how to grow crops, manage land, market and sell online, and manage business relationships with the Atlanta area.  You will work alongside me and independently throughout the 6 months we are together.  It is an incredibly fun vocation and something to be proud of.


Term: April 15, 2018 - October 1, 2018

Lodging: Provided in the farmer's home in Conyers, wifi, private room and bathroom

Vehicle:You will need your own to drive from the farm to the house (9 min drive) or wherever else, but for deliveries the farm truck will be used

What you will learn: Farming, sales, marketing, logistics, management

Pay: $250 stipend per week, vegetables from the farm, knowledge, experience

Expectations: 40hours per week

Duties: Seed propagation, transplanting, weeding, watering, harvesting, and delivering in the farm truck as necessary.

No experience required.

Please send an email to to apply

Please answer these questions in the email:

-Why do you want to live the life of a farmer for 6 months?

-What experiences do you have the might help you with this experience?

-Are you physically fit and able for this internship?  Hot sun, long days, bending, lifting, and walking a lot.

-What are you passionate about?