Mexican Tarragon - 100% Pure Hydrosol

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Latin Name: Tagetes lucida

Product: Mexican Mint Tarragon

Description: A yellow dye can be distilled from these vibrant flowers; Used medicinally throughout Mexico and Central America, the dried plant was (and still is in some regions) also burned as an incense, specifically by an Aztec group know as the Yauhtli; Also used as an ingredient in a 'medicinal' powder blown into the faces of persons about to submit themselves to ancient Aztec ritualistic human sacrifices (no longer practiced) -- suggesting the powder had intoxicating effects; When mixed with wild tobacco, the Huichol still revere it for its psychotropic and etheogenic ('spiritual high') effects.

Tasting Notes: Tarragon-like flavor; Hints of anise

Usage: Flavoring for soups and sauces; Brews into a pleasant tea; Infusions; Can also be used as a substitute for Tarragon