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Hydrosols: 'Flower Water'

Hydrosols are shelf-stable, flavored waters often used in cocktails and other specialty concoctions.

Also known as 'hydrolats' and sometimes referred to as 'flower waters', they are created through a distillation process of fresh herbs, flowers, or other plant materials.

At Grant Wallace Farm, our selection of hydrosols is, of course, 100% natural and local. Gentler than essential oils, the aromas are delicate with subtle verdant notes; and, the solutions deliver the hydrophilic properties of our fresh ingredients.

Since our products are distilled from herbs and vegetables from the farm to create distinct, one-of-a-kind, flavorings, you will not find a label with a long list of confusing ingredients. All that goes into the crafting of our clean and flavorful hydrosol products is organic plant materials and fresh, clean, well water. 

Currently, we only market our unique selection of hydrosols in 2 oz. spray bottles. However, we would encourage you to email (or, otherwise contact) us with custom requests, or even requirements, which might better serve your needs.

(For larger orders, we suggest you refrigerate them or store them in a cool, dark, place when not in active use).