The innovative solution to the problem of flooding fields

Posted by Grant Wallace on

Problem: Field of annuals gets flooded from excess rain

Solution: Do not plant annuals in an area that ever floods

A lot of times a farmer will make raised beds, so excessive rain will not wash away baby or small plants.  This works for that purpose but also creates mud and will hold water in your walkways.  If it rains a ton then you have water standing there for weeks and mud for the entire winter.  Around here the clay then hardens into something reminiscent of rock.

I like to plant on flat ground so that I am closer to the water table in dry months and so water will flow over everything in its natural way during wet months.  For that to work though, the plants need to be established.  Like perennial herbs. 

So in 2019, I am growing almost all perennials.  Some popular annual herbs like basil and vegetables like sungolds and shishitos will also be grown, but 90% of the farm will continue to be there year after year.  Imagine rows of berries, herbs, flowers, and some vegetables.  Neatly organized by a team dedicated to making delicious flavors that look beautiful.  2019 is going to be a great year!


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