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Super Worm Moon on Spring Equinox: Earthworm Appreciation Day

Posted by Courtney Parker, PhD on

If you were up late -- or early -- enough you might have noticed the moon was exceptionally large today. That's because the final Supermoon of 2019 is coinciding with the Spring Equinox tomorrow, March 20th...
This particular full moon is traditionally known as the 'Full Worm Moon' in the Farmer's Almanac. It was given this name because the softening of the ground ushered in by spring also brings back the earthworms -- which are SO crucial to soil health and plant growth.
Earthworm activity causes an increase in what's known as 'soil porosity'. This means there is more space (air) in the soil for water to be absorbed into. And, this in turn facilitates healthy root development for plants. As the earthworms recycle nutrients through their digestive systems, they also increase overall soil fertility by raising the levels of nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus.
Hug an earthworm, today! 😉


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