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CBD: 5 Things to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Posted by Courtney Parker, PhD on


(Why yes, it's legal).


1) CBD affects different people in different ways; and, there seem to be various predictors. For instance, if people are wired to expect a ' brain high' comparable to marijuana, they may not immediately recognize the more subtle sensations at the neurotransmitter level-- at least not immediately -- which seem to have a cumulative (while also fairly immediate) effect.

2) CBD is not a fringe fad. Major companies are investing in CBD products and even bigger ones are circling in. Consider making a commitment to supporting local distributors to keep the supply transparent and accountable.


3) There are some key ways to ingest CBD -- and, we're willing to bet you haven't tried the bioavailable nanotechnology now available.

‘What does biovailable mean’, most of us ask? Bioavailable means the CBD nanoparticles are small enough to be absorbed into the body at an as of yet unparalleled percentage and pace.

CBD nanoparticle liquids can be also be made 100% THC free.

4) CBD is worth your investigation...and experimentation... but be warned there are some cheap brands with ‘sketchy’ ingredients which you'll want to be sure and avoid (cheaper is not an indicator of better -- nor actually 'cheaper' when it comes to dosage and actual CBD content in the product). And on that note, bigger is not always better; when you support small businesses for your health needs, you support individual AND community health.

5) So you tried some CBD once and it didn't do anything? Well, try again and -- this is key -- find a source that is reputable, organic, and, discloses the lab reports behind their offerings when possible.


According to a review in the scientific journal, Cell Press, 'Non-psychotropic plant cannabinoids: new therapeutic opportunities from an ancient herb', evidence supports the claim that CBD has pharmacological and therapeutic potential and/or effectiveness in treating a range of conditions such as (per their list):

1) Psychosis

2) Epilepsy

3) Anxiety and sleep

4) Neuroprotection and degenerative diseases

5) Cerebral and myocardial ischemia

6) Inflammation, pain, and, the immune response

7) Emesis

8) Food intake                                                                                                     

9) Type - 1 diabetes and and diabetic complications

10) Bone formation

11) Cancer

12) Microbial growth         

CBD Food and Beverage Applications:

(We recommend the nanoparticle liquid): Cocktails; Mocktails; Shots; Sauces; Glazes; Shots (healthy like Wheatgrass -- and healthy like this isolated phytochemical from...'Grass', well, Hemp); Use in place of coffee creamer to enhance your experience; May also be used topically as personally discerned.


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